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Monfalcone Design is inspired by our passion for aesthetic value, intuitive design and well-engineered products that service the design and architectural world. We, Uncle and nephew, have been working together for over 20 years, from humble beginnings in a family workshop, evolving to our Cape Town design studio.

Combining our two hemispheres of expertise, we form a cohesive problem-solving machine. We are excited to continue manifesting your dreams within the design and manufacturing domain.

Head of Technical

Kyle Dellar

Known for his technical creativity, attention to detail and insatiable curiosity, delving into engineering made sense. He proceeded to attain his Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pretoria as well as honing his manufacturing ability with machining, fabrication and welding experience. This education helped him fully understand the process of research, technical design and innovation to achieve the best result efficiently.


Corner Bermuda and Carlisle Street, Paarden Eiland Cape Town

Member - Lau
Head of Design

Laurent Hearne

Lau has been hailed as a creative and technical genius across several peer networks. He enjoyed a successful sculpting career, and moved into boutique, customised architectural fabrication. His graphic design qualification, certified welder training and significant metal fabrication experience form the conduit through which he can express his creativity.


076 609 0854

Corner Bermuda and Carlisle Street, Paarden Eiland Cape Town